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Locating Persons:

Typically, people whom you are trying to find fall into 3 categories:

  • Those who don't know someone is looking for them
    • Old friends
    • Adopted parents/children
    • Classmates
    • Military associates
    • Lost loves
  • People who wish to not be found
    • Debtors
    • Someone trying to put their past behind them
  • The Frauds
    • Those who intentionally misrepresent themselves or their true intentions​​

All of these pose unique challenges which we are experienced in solving.  In the past, on 2 separate occasions, we have found people in the Witness Protection Program.  That's because, often, it requires more than just database searches of the person you are trying to find. It requires field work of asking relatives, friends and neighbors for the latest information and likes, dislikes, hobbies and habits of the subject.    For a free consultation so that we can determine your unique search requirements and on how we can bring our innovative techniques and experience to bear to find your missing person, please call us at: 888-849-6088.

Locating Persons California

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